Automate the Unthinkable

Boost your productivity with Zapier-like workflows that understand language.

What we do

Today's workflow automation platforms are great. Zapier and Integromat help entrepreneurs run their businesses more productively and focus on what's important.

We believe it could be done even better.

When running a business, many decisions are based on our ability to understand language: reading emails, analyzing customer feedback, or prioritizing support requests. This is why we created textcloud.

Our AI-powered automation platform understands texts and automates decisions based on the content. Whether it's emails, Slack messages, or survey results: We have you covered. With the help of textcloud, you can easily extract important keywords, detect emotion and sentiment, identify the topic of a text, and much more.

And the best part is: Thanks to our Zapier-like modular design, you have the freedom to automate workflows precisely the way you want. Because software should adapt to your needs—not the other way around.